Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras.

A Christmas Letter


written and presented by Sean Hunter

With music by

Country Music Hall of Fame member

Charlie McCoy


Talk and Discover

(For parents, teachers, children and their friends)

Why do you like getting letters in the mail?

Do you think there are any books with letters in them?

What would someone write in a letter?


More Talk and Discover

What is the most famous letter written?

Who do you know that writes a good letter?

Can you put a letter inside a birthday card?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of an old fashion pen.

Draw a picture of a mailbox that a fisherman might have

In front of their house?

Draw a picture of a Christmas stamp.


Being A Good Listener

What is something that the mother told everyone?

What club at school did the son join?

Where did the class go on a field trip?


Extra Credit

What makes a letter important?


Extra, Extra Credit

What replaced the pony express?

What was the first Air Mail route?

Why would someone write a letter?


Bonus Question

Do you think that the letter from the son

to the father could her considered a gift?



Double Bonus Question

What make a dog a good friend?

What do you think was the father and sons favorite Christmas song?


Question for Everyone

How many shapes can a postage stamp be?

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