Cystic Fibrosis Storytime



Story Notes and Extras


A Tale of the Sea


written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover


What would you ask a fish?


More Talk and Discover


How do some fish get their name?

What do you think might be in some of the treasure chest

besides gold and silver?

Who else might swim around the world besides the fish?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of the fish that you think can talk.

Draw a picture of a pirate. 

Draw a picture of a sea horse, and then a sea lion.


More Talk, Talk and Discover


What kind of fish would you find in the ocean?

What kind of fish would you find in a lake?

What kind of tricks do you think a fish can do?


Questions The Fish Might Ask You


Where is there an island with palm trees?

How do I get to Staten Island?

What are the names of some of the islands that have their own flags?


Just Wondering


Are there any underwater museums?

Are there any underwater hotels that the fish could visit?

What might a fish dream about?


More Fun With Art


Draw a picture of a starfish, lobster, turtle, and seal.  

Draw a picture of a tanker, tug boat, ferry, and freighter.

Draw picture of a submarine.


Extra Credit


Who were some famous pirates?


Bonus Question


What kind of whale is in the story Moby Dick?


Double Bonus Question


What are some famous submarines, and why are they famous?

What famous sunken ships could the fish go looking for?


Extra, Extra Credit


Where was the first lighthouse in the United States?

Where was the first lighthouse in Canada?

Why is the Lighthouse at Alexandria famous?


Questions For Everyone


Where in the world might a fish be if the water is warm?

Where might a fish be if the water is cold?

Where do you think is the fishes favorite place to visit?


Doing The Math


How many miles will a fish travel if they swim around the world?

How many days might it take for a fish (pick one of your choice)

to swim around the world?


. More About The World Of Fish


How many arms do most star fish have?

How long can a seal dive under water and hold its’ breath?

What percent of their lives do whales spend underwater?

How are a dolphin and porpoise different?


More Wondering


How deep in the ocean might the fish be when following a submarine?

Where in the world is the ocean the deepest?

Where might the fish see a research vessel?

Where would the fish find underwater mountains?


Two More Questions


What continent could a fish swim under?

What are three places a fish might go if they were in the Mediterranean Sea?

Books To Enjoy


Yertle The Turtle – by Dr. Seuss

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – by Jules Verne


And Now One More Question For Everyone


Who do you think was talking to the fish?


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