Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
A Very Merry Christmas

Story Notes and Extras 

A Very Merry Christmas


written and presented by Sean Hunter

with music by

Country Music Hall of Fame Member


Charlie McCoy


Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, families and children to enjoy


What is something that you might find in a country General Store? 

What is something that you could make as a gift for someone?

Why is it important to help neighbors, friends and family?

What are some ways that you can help someone?

Who is someone that has helped you?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of an angel.

Draw a picture of Christmas cookie.

Draw a picture of something that you might see in the winter.


More Talk and Discover


How do you begin to help someone?

If you were a farmer, what would you share with your neighbors?

What might be some of the songs that were sung in the

General Store around the potbelly stove?

How do you let someone know that you are grateful 

for their kindness?

Why do you think the family that owned the General Store 

were willing to trust that their needs would be met?


Other Stories To Enjoy

The Grinch That Stole Christmas
The Night Before Christmas


Some Other Ways To Have Fun


Make a Ginger Bread House.

Sing some of the traditional Christmas songs with family and friends.

Write a Christmas poem.


Helping To Make The Holidays Happy

 For Everyone

Visit someone in a hospital, or that is sick at home.
Write a note or letter to someone that you haven’t seen for a while.



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