Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Cowboy and Perry

Story Notes and Extras

Cowboy and Perry

written and presented by Sean Hunter

with music by
 Wylie Gustafson
Wylie Gustafson & The Wild West
(Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music/BMI)

and also the voice heard around the world
in the YA-HOO commercials

Talk and Discover
(for parents, teachers, and families to enjoy with their children)

What do you think is Cowboy’s and Perry’s favorite song?
What is your favorite song?
How did Perry learn to yodel?
What songs do you think Cowboy learned from his father?
What songs do you think Cowboy learned from his mother?
What songs would a cowboy sing in a bunkhouse?
How many songs do you think Cowboy can sing in one day?
How many songs do you think Cowboy can sing in a year?
What instrument do you think Cowboy likes to play?
What is a good song for a cowboy to sing around a campfire?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a - cowboy – cowgirl - Perry
cowboy boots - cowboy shirt – cowboy hat
a Chuckwagon – guitar – banjo – ukulele
fiddle / violin – doghouse (upright / acoustic) bass

More Talk and Discover

In what countries would you find cowboys?
What are some of the jobs that cowboys do?
What are some of the jobs that cowgirls do?
What are some of the weather conditions that cowboys work in?
What do the words “round up” and “stampede” mean to a cowboy,
and what is some other cowboy lingo?

What are some famous Cow Towns?
How far could a cattle drive travel in a day?
How long would a cattle drive take on the Chisholm Trail?
In what states are some of the famous stock yards?
What are some of the events that you would see at a rodeo?

Enjoying The Cowboy Spirit

Read some cowboy poetry
Ask your library to recommend some cowboy novels
Find out which museums have famous paintings of cowboys and cowboy life.
What are some favorite and famous cowboy songs?

Famous Cowboys

Charles Goodnight – Oliver Loving

Famous Cowboy Performers

Buffalo Bill Cody -Annie Oakley -Tom Mix - Wild Bill Hickok

Famous Singing Cowboys

Gene Autry – Roy Rogers – Tex Ritter

Famous Fictional Cowboys

Cisco Kid – The Lone Ranger – Tonto – Pecos Bill

Learning More About Cowboys

Wikipedia -
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
and for a photo review and teaching ideas

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