Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Funny Farm

Story Notes and Extras

Funny Farm

musical version

written and presented by SeanHunterwith

Charlie McCoy - acoustic guitar-harmonica (
Wanda Vick - fiddle
Mark Burchfield - doghouse bass

Sean Hunter - drum - vocals

Talk And Discover

(an activity for parents,childrenand friends)

Who would you like to meet ontheFunny Farm? What questions would you ask them?
What would be a good day to visit the Funny Farm? How would yougetto the Funny Farm?
Who on the Funny Farm do you think has the most fun? How doyouthink the Funny Farm got its name? Where do you think theFunnyFarm is?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a tractor.
Draw a picture of a barn.
Use your imagination and draw a “Funny Farm” flag.

Some Books About Farms

that you can get at your library

The Little Red Hen The ThreeLittlePigs Charlotte’s Web

More Talk and Discover

Who do you think has been totheFunny Farm? Who do you think would like to go to the FunnyFarm?Who would you ask to go to the “Funny Farm with you? Is theremorethan one Funny Farm?

Bonus Question

What do you think are some oftheFunny Farm’s rules?

Some Books and Stories GoodForBedtime Reading

the stories of Beatrix Potter

the stories of James Herriot

More Fun With Art

Draw a map of the Funny Farm

showing where the barn is, thefarmhouse, the corn field, vegetable garden, chicken coop, pigpen,fields for the sheep and other animals, pumpkin patch,appleorchards, bee hives and anything else that you might bethere.

Art Extra

parents, teachers and olderbrothersand sisters

draw an outline of some of theFunnyFarm animals for younger children to enjoy and color

Having More Fun

Pick a name for each oftheanimals.

The “Funny Farm” was

recorded at Watershed -Nashville,TN
arrangement – Charlie McCoy mixing and editing – Jim Dineen

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