Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Snowball – The Lucky Cat

Story Notes and Extras  

Snowball – The Lucky Cat

An Imagination Story

written and presented by Sean Hunter

with the music of Country Music Hall of Fame member

Charlie McCoy

Talk And Discover

(for parents, teachers, family, friends and children)

Why is Snowball a lucky cat?

Where would you like to spend a whole winter?

What do you like about winter?

In what country do you think this stories Catnip Mountain is?

Do you think that dogs are allowed at Catnip Mountain?

What kind of dogs do you think you would find at a winter mountain?

What are some of the birds that you might find at Catnip Mountain in the winter?

What colors might the birds be?

What other animals might you find in the woods during the winter at Catnip Mountain?

What animals might return to the woods at Catnip Mountain when the weather is warm?

What do you think happens at Catnip Mountain when the weather is warm?

Do you think people go camping and hiking at Catnip Mountain 

in the winter?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a cat that might look like Snowball – The Lucky Cat.

Draw a picture of a sled.

Draw a picture of a sleigh.

Draw a picture of one of Snowball’s friends.

Draw a picture of a snowshoe.

Draw a picture of a snowman.

Draw a  picture of a snowflake

Draw a picture of something you might wear to keep warm in winter?

More Talk and Discover

How many barrels do you think some skaters can jump?

How big do you think some of the barrels are?

How big do you think some of the fish are that are caught at Catnip Mountain pond?

Do you think the fish in Catnip Mountain Pond are bigger in the winter

than they are in the summer?

Do you think there are any penguins at Catnip Mountain pond?

More Talk and Discover

What songs would you sing around a fireplace?

What books would you like to read if you were at the Catnip Mountain Lodge?

What foods might be nice to eat around the fire at Catnip Mountain Lodge?

What are some songs about winter?

What are some books about winter?

More Talk and Discover

What Olympic events could be held at Catnip Mountain?

Who are some famous Olympians that might like to visit Catnip Mountain?

How high would a mountain have to be to reach into the average clouds?

What are the names of some famous castles?

In what countries are some of the most famous castles?

Where in the world does it snow more than 50 inches of snow each year?

On what continents are some of the coldest places in the world?

What are some of the mountains in the world that reach above the clouds?

More Talk and Discover & Music

The first song is John Henry – look up the story of the famous folklore legend.

 What kind of work did John Henry do? 

In the song what does the music make you feel is happening?

What other ideas does the music give you?

What are some other famous American folklore legend stories?

In the second song what instruments do you hear being played?

Which of those instruments are in your school band and orchestra?

Are the voices like an instrument?

Shenandoah is the name of the third song, 

in what century is it thought that the song Shenandoah was written?

What do you think inspired the writing of the song?

Why do you think the song has been popular all these years?

In what states is the Shenandoah Valley?

What songs and music honor or are about the community and area where you live?

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