Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Sparky McCloud and the Blue Sky Bakery


 Story Notes and Extras


  Sparky McCloud 

 and the Blue Sky Bakery


written and presented by Sean Hunter



Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, family, children, and friends to enjoy


What is your favorite muffin?

When is a good time to have a muffin?

What is something that you like to smell baking?

What is your favorite pie?

What is something that you like to have ice cream with?

What kind of cake is good for a birthday party?

What kind of cake is good for a treat?

What is your favorite bread?

What is a good sandwich to share with a friend?

What is something that you can bake and bring to a picnic?

What is something that is round, you bake, and has a hole in the middle?

What else could the clouds bake?

Where do you think the clouds do their baking?

Do the clouds have a favorite cookie?

What kind of cookie cloud might you see in the sky on a Tuesday?

Can a cloud hide a mountain?

What do clouds do at night?

What do you think are some of Sparky’s chores?

What would be some good chores for you?

Who beside Sparky might be watching the clouds?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of your favorite cookie

A picture of a cookie that you think one of Sparky’s friends would like.

Draw a picture of a cloud that looks like a cookie.


More Talk and Discover


What is a healthy dinner?

What is a healthy dessert?

Why is it good to be patient?

How do you learn to be patient?

What do dark clouds sometimes mean?

What should you do if you see dark clouds?

How fast can clouds move?

How many types of clouds are there?

What are some of the clouds you might see when it is cold?

What are some of the clouds that you might see when it is warm?

What are some ways that clouds help us?

Why are some clouds white?

Why does a cloud float?

How do clouds help to predict the weather? 


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