Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Sparky McCloud Meets A NHL Referee

Sparky McCloud

Meets A NHL Referee


written and presented by Sean Hunter

with a “little” whistle from Country Music Hall of Fame member – Charlie McCoy


Talk and Discover

an opportunity for parents, coaches, teachers

to share with children and friends


What do you admire about someone like Paul Stewart?

Why are teammates important?

In what ways should you treat a teammate like they were

your brother or sister?

How should you treat someone from another team?

How is being on a team like being a part of a family?

In what ways is a referee like a parent?


More Talk and Discover


Why are rules important in sports?

Why are rules important at home and in a community?

How do you treat someone with dignity?

How do you offer respect?

What are some of the best ways to encourage someone?

What are some of the ways you can be

 a role model at all times?

What are some of the ways to help others succeed?

When (and where) can you volunteer without being asked?

What are some of the values that your family has given you?

What are some of the standards and values that you will give

 to your children?

What are some of the ways sports helps you

 to be a better person?


More Talk, Discover and Growing


What are some of your goals in school and sports?

What are some of your hopes for everyone in your family?

What extra effort and work might you have to do

to work toward your goals?

Which job is more important – a lawyer or a teacher?

-  a soldier or a doctor?  an electrician or an athlete?

Which should be more important – the job or the person?

As an athlete, what should you say “no” to.

As a student, what should you be doing every day?


Continuing To Grow


What are some of the ways someone can be selfish?

What problems happen at home, and to a team,

 when someone is selfish?

How should a coach, teacher and parent treat or discipline

someone who is selfish?

What are some of the chores that teach respect and responsibility?

What makes someone a good role model?

Who is someone that can be your mentor?

Why is discipline good?

What is the difference between discipline and self discipline?

What is your definition of success?

In what ways can you be a better teammate?


A Question For Everyone


What rules do you think Paul Stewart’s parents had

for Paul to follow when he was growing up?

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