Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras


 Sparky McCloud Goes To An Art Show


by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

for parents, children, teachers and friends to enjoy


What are some of your favorite colors?

What would you like to see at an art show?

Why do you think Sparky likes paintings?


More Talk and Discover


What in a painting do you like to see?

What is something you would like to paint?

What is one of your favorite paintings?


More Talk, Talk and Discover


Why is using your imagination important?

When does an artist use their imagination?

Besides art, what is something that you can use your imagination for?


Being a Good Listener


What was the first painting that Sparky saw?

Where can art take you?

How was Sparky going to take the paintings home?


Learning With Art


What is something art can teach you?


One Of Sparky’s Favorite Questions


Who is someone famous you might see in a painting?


The Art of Imagination


Draw a car that doesn’t need tires.

Draw a house for a duck.

Draw a picture of a happy moon.


The Art of History


Draw a picture of a President.

Draw a picture of the flag that Betsy Ross made.

Draw a picture of a covered wagon.


The Art of Nature


Draw a picture of a flower. 

Draw something that grows on trees.

Draw something that lives in the forest or jungle.



The Art of Geography


Draw something you would see in a foreign country.

Draw something you would see on a river.

Draw something you would see at a National Park.


The Art of Fun


Where and when will there be there an art show near you?

What are three famous museums you could visit?

What are some other types of art besides paintings?


Extra Credit


Ask your mother, father, family, friends and teachers who are the artist that they like.