Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
That Frog

Story Notes and Extras 
  That Frog

written and presented
by Sean Hunter

for parents, teachers, children, and families to enjoy

Talk and Discover

Do you think the dog and the cat know where the frog is?
What would a cat and dog do with a frog?
Where do you think the cat and dog go during the day?
Do you think that the frog went for a hop (walk)?
What could be some of the other reasons that the frog is missing?
Who are some of the frog’s friends?
What games could a dog play with a frog?
Where would a cat and a frog go to play?
Do you think that a mom and pop would like a frog as a gift?
How do dads like to relax?
What do mothers like to do for fun?
Is it good to have fun?
How do you think frogs have fun?
What are some of the stories that you have heard about frogs?
What are some good names for a frog?
Where do you think the frog is?
When will the frog return?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a frog
Draw a picture of a cat
Draw a picture of a dog
Draw a picture of a duck
Draw a picture of a hen
Draw a picture of a kangaroo

More Talk and Discover

How far can a frog jump?
Can a frog jump as far as a kangaroo?
How much can a frog weigh?
What is the smallest frog?
What do you think is a frog’s favorite food?
Are all frogs the same color?
Do frogs have teeth?
Do all frogs live in the water?
How long do frogs live?
On what continent will you not find a frog?
Are there any frogs that can sing?
Who are some famous frogs?

Stories To Enjoy That Have Frogs

The Frog Prince  - by the Brothers Grimm
The Celebrated Jumping Frog – by Mark Twain

Special Note

This story is easy for any parent or teacher to play on a guitar.

Just copy the lyrics, strum an open D chord,
follow the rhythm and pauses,
and you’ll have fun.

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