Cystic Fibrosis Storytime


Story Notes and Extras.  

 The Cow That Wouldn’t Stop Laughing


written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, teachers, children and their friends)


How do you think the dancing cow learned to dance?

What songs do you think the singing cow likes to sing?

What are some jokes that the laughing cow might think

are funny?


More Talk and Discover


Where do you think the cows practice their

singing, dancing, and laughing?

What other animals do you think

know how dance, sing, and laugh?

What do you think the three cows 

did when when they returned to the farm?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a cow.

(that might sing, dance, or laugh)

Draw a picture of a clown. 

(you would see at the circus.)

Draw a picture of a funny car..


Being A Good Listener


What did the circus master first say to the farmer?

Who was the first clown that the cow saw?

What did the laughing cow say when the 

tiny, tiny car went

“”Ho, ho, ho,”  “Ha, ha, ha.”  And “hee, hee, hee?”


Extra Credit 


What would you do to make a cow stop laughing?


Extra, Extra Credit


What else might you see at a circus besides lions and tigers?

Where else could the farmer have taken his cows

to have fun?


Bonus Question


How many balloons do you think

the clown that did tricks could juggle?


Double Bonus Question


What surprise would you plan for the three cows?

What surprise would you plan for the good farmer?


A Question For Everyone


Do you think the cows will go to the circus again?

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