Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras 


The Happy Little Tooth

written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, teachers, children, family and friends to enjoy together)


Why do you think the little tooth liked ice cream?

What flavor ice cream do you think a tooth might like?

Where do you think the little tooth first tasted ice cream?


More Talk and Discover


What else beside ice cream and cup cakes do you think the little tooth likes?

How does someone get a sweet tooth?

Do you think the duck or the frog have a sweet tooth?


More Talk, Talk and Discover


Name three fruits that a sweet tooth would like?

Name three vegetables that are good for a sweet tooth?

How does sleep help a sweet tooth?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of something in the woods that has a tooth.

Draw a picture of something in the zoo (but not in the woods) that has a tooth.

Draw a picture of something that has a tooth that could be in both the woods and the zoo.


Some More Questions


What else might a tooth dream about besides ice cream and cup cakes?

How did the little tooth know where the ice cream store was?

Can a tooth smile?


and now,

The Mystery Question


Who do you think the little tooth belongs to?


Being A Good Listener


Where did some of the people think the tooth had come from?

Who was watching the little tooth from the sky?

Whoo knew that the little tooth had been dreaming?


Extra Credit


Does everyone have a sweet tooth?


Questions 1,2,3 & 4


Why is it important to do a good job brushing your teeth?

When should you brush your teeth?

How often should you get a new toothbrush?


Making Teeth Smile


When should you visit your dentist?


Bonus Question


Do you think this story could have happened in some place like Switzerland?


What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?


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