Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras  

The Little Rabbit

written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, families,, teachers and children to share and enjoy)


When is a good time to sing?

Why do you think the Little Rabbit was singing?

Where do you think the Little Rabbit was hopping to?


More Talk and Discover

What would be a good song for everyone to sing?

What song do you think the Little Rabbit was singing?

What song would you ask the Little Rabbit to sing for you?


Being A Good Listener

Who did the cows sing to?

What did the Little Rabbit do the next morning?

Who did the chickens sing to?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a little rabbit.

Draw a picture of a rabbit hopping.

Draw a picture of something that you could sing about.


Extra Credit

How do you think the little mice learned to sing?


Extra, Extra Credit

Who would you like to hear singing?


Bonus Question

How many songs do you think the Little Rabbit knows

how to sing?


Double Bonus Question

What do you think is the Little Rabbits favorite song?


Famous Rabbits

Peter Rabbit

Bugs Bunny

The White Rabbit


Books About Rabbits Everyone Enjoys

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

Alice In Wonderland


Songs That The Little Rabbit 

and His Friends Like To Sing


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Old McDonald Had A Farm

A, B, C, D

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