Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
The Prairie

Story Notes and Extras

The Prairie

written and presented by Sean Hunter

with the music of

Country Music Hall of Fame Member

Charlie McCoy

Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers and families to enjoy with all children

How would you like to be a pioneer?

Why were the pioneers celebrating Thanksgiving?

What did the pioneers have to be grateful for?

What are some of the ways the prairie families probably

spent their long winter days?

Name three reasons you would you like to meet

the O’Rourke family?

More Talk and Discover

How do you celebrate a day of Thanksgiving?

What are some of your family’s Thanksgiving Day traditions?

What are some of the traditions that the pioneers

may have brought to the prairie?

What do you have to be thankful for?

Who is someone that has been good to you?

What do you consider to be a sacrifice?

What are some of the sacrifices that the O’Rourke’s probably made?

What are some of the sacrifices that your parents have made?

What sacrifices did your grandparents have to make?

How can helping others make you grateful?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a pioneer’s wagon.

Something the pioneers would need to take with them on their journey

An animal the pioneers might see as they traveled.

More Talk Talk and Discover

In what ways is life on the prairie today much the same?

In what ways has life on the prairie changed?

More Talk Talk and Discover – part 02

What states make up the American Prairies?

Why are the prairies important?

Why were the railroads important to the prairies?

Where are the Canadian Prairies?

Extra Credit

What is grown on the Canadian Prairies?

From what nations did the people of the Canadian prairie come?

Extra Extra Credit

What major river did the pioneers usually needed to cross

to get to the prairie?

What were some of the animals that were dangerous to the pioneers?

How long could it take for the pioneers to reach the prairies?

A Question For Everyone

How did the American tradition of Thanksgiving begin?

Enjoy the music and joy of Charlie McCoy

The Song Shenandoah

The melody of the song Shenandoah is one of the most memorable in

Western Folk Music. The song is American Traditional, by an

unknown composer from the romantic period of the 19th century,

and certainly was known to and traveled with the prairie pioneers

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