Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes And Extras

The Snowfish Of Tip Top Mountain

written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

What do you think you would have to do

to catch one of the snowfish on Tip Top Mountain?

How many snowfish do you think

are in the river on Tip Top Mountain?

Which color snowfish would you like to catch?


More Talk and Discover

How many purple snowfish do you think there are?

How big do you think the purple snowfish become?

Besides Tip Top Mountain,

where do you think there might be a snowfish contest?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a fish.

Draw a picture of someone fishing.

Draw a picture of something you would wear

when it’s snowing.


Being A Good Listener

What did the children say after they made their first snowfish ?

What are 3 of the colors the snowfish became

when they were swimming in the river?

What was something none of the fisherman could do?


Extra Credit

How much snow do you think you wound need to make a snowfish?


Extra, Extra Credit

Why do you think some of the snowfish turned purple?

Besides a snowfish, what other fish might you see

in the river at Tip Top Mountain?


Bonus Question

What else might a snowfish be able to do

besides wiggle their nose?

Double Bonus Question

What is your favorite fish?

When would you like to go fishing?

A Question (and fun) For Everyone

Using your imagination,

what are 3 names that you would give a snowfish?

And - of course

How To Make A Snow Fish

With the snow form a fish

keeping the snow nice and hard.


place on top of a big snow ball

a tiny snowball (as a pedestal)


then the fish on top.

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