Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras

What Would You Do If You Went To The Zoo

written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, children, teachers, and friends)


Why would it be fun to go to the zoo?

Who would you like to meet at the zoo?


Who would you ask to join you?


More Talk and Discover


How many zoos do you think there are?

Where is there a zoo that you could go to?

What do you think you could learn at a zoo?


More Talk, Talk and Discover


What animals at the zoo like to laugh?

What animals at the zoo roar?

What animals at the zoo might growl?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a lion or a tiger.

Draw a picture of a penguin.

Draw a picture of an animal with big ears. 


Being A Good Listener

In the story


What did the kangaroo say?

What do the animals like to do each day?

What is something that the animals

wonder about you?


A Question For Everyone


Where is there a zoo near you?


Extra Credit 


Who at the zoo might like a banana?

Which of the animals might like an apple?


Extra, Extra Credit


What job would you like at the zoo?


Bonus Question


What else do you know about elephants

besides they are big?


Double Bonus Question


Name three countries some of the animals

at the zoo may have come from?


A Question From The Owls


Whoo at the zoo has feathers of blue?


And Have You Ever Thought


What animal at the zoo 

might make a good pet?

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