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Story Notes and Extras

Danny – The Fisherman That Caught Footballs
written and presented by Sean Hunter

    Enjoy “Danny – The Fisherman That Caught Footballs? presented as an “old fashion? radio show.  Much of the story reflects many of  the moments of Super Bowl XVI which was played between the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers.  The game received one of the highest TV ratings ever, is considered to be one of the most memorable games of the decade, and in that game Dan Ross of the Cincinnati Bengals set a Super Bowl record that has yet to be broken.

        Enjoy the story, and enjoy the following activities and moments with your children.

Activities that Parents, Teachers and Children Can Share
after listening to the story

Learning With Art
♦  Draw a picture of Danny at the beach fishing.

♦  Draw a picture of some of the fish that Danny caught.

♦  Draw a picture of some of the fish that Danny didn’t catch.

♦  Draw a picture of the Coach.

♦  Draw a picture of Danny running with the football.

♦  Draw Danny learning how to play football.

♦  Draw a picture of the band marching.

♦  Draw a picture of the cheerleaders.

♦  Draw a picture of some of Danny’s friends.

♦  Draw a picture of Danny

Talk and Discover for Parents and Teachers
Ask some of the questions now – and save some for another time

♦  How do football players get ready for a game?

♦  What rules do football players need to know?

♦  Do football players have to do homework?

♦  Where do you think Danny did his homework?

♦  What do you think was Danny's favorite book to read?

♦  How often do you think that Danny read the newspaper?

♦  How many times a week do you think that Danny went to the library?

♦  What instruments do you think were in the band that was marching and playing all the favorite songs?

♦  What do we need to remember when we’re playing a game?

♦  Who do you think are some of Danny’s friends?

♦  What other sports do you think Danny liked to play?

♦  What would you ask Danny if you were able to meet him?
Other Books To Read


Tom Thumb – Illustrated by Richard Jesse Watson
(questions that can be asked afterward)
How could Tom Thumb be part of a football team?
Tom Thumb could be the coach, maybe the team doctor, broadcast the game, sell tickets,
be the team reporter, etc.

Young Adults

Reggie White – Minister of Defense


Vince Lombardi - When Pride Still Mattered – by David Maraniss

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print this page out and share with a teacher and any children in the hospital or at home recovering and
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