Cystic Fibrosis Storytime


Story Notes and Extras

The Dog, The Parrot, And Once Upon A Time

written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, teachers, children and their friends)

What do you think was the first word

that the parrot learned to say?

How do you think

the parrot learned how to talk?

What would you teach

the parrot to say?


More Talk and Discover

Do you think the parrot liked school?

Why do you think the dog

wanted to help the parrot?

Who else do you think the parrot

saw at the zoo?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of elephant.

Draw a picture of giraffe.

Draw a picture of a lion that can roar.


Being A Good Listener

What did the parrot say when the mother screamed?

What did the parrot say the dog did?

What did the parrot begin to learn at school?


Extra Credit

What would be a good name for the dog?


Bonus Question

What would be a good name for the parrot?


A Question For Everyone

Who ate all the cookies?


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