Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras


A Very Special Thanksgiving


written and presented 

by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

for parents, families, teachers and children to share and enjoy



What would you like everyone to know 

what you are thankful for?

Who do you know that has served their country?

What are two ways to let someone know you are thankful?


More Talk and Discover


How does being thankful help everyone?

Who do you know that always says “thank you?”

What are you thankful for today?


Being A Good Listener

In the story


What foods might be coming from the gardens?

What might be simmering on the stove?

What might be waiting in the oven?


Honoring Our Veterans


What are some of the sacrifices that someone makes 

when they serve their country?

What are some of the sacrifices a family makes 

when someone is serving their country?

How do our Veterans serve us every day?


Remembering History


What do you know about Paul Revere?

What do you know about George Washington?

What do you know about the siege of Yorktown?


Remembering Their Bravery


Why did the Marines have to fight the Barbary pirates?

What is “Old Ironsides” official name?

When was the Star Spangled Banner first officially recognized?


Remembering Their Courage


What are some of the ways woman 

have served their country?

Who was the first women to win the Medal of Honor?

What would you ask Reba Whittle if you were to meet her?


Remembering Those That Continued To Serve


In what two ways did Wild Bill Donovan serve his country?

In what two ways did Ted Williams serve his country?

In what two ways did John Glenn serve his country? 


Proudly They Served For Freedom

Share in class the history of the below athletes

and how they served their country.



Sam LoPresti

The “Kitchener Kids” 

(Milt Schmidt, Woody Dumart, Bobby Bauer)

Hobey Baker



Jackie Robinson

Yogi Bera

Bob Feller



David Robinson

Bernard James

Mark Silliman



Rocky Bieler

“Concrete Charlie” Bednarik

Chad Hennings


US Olympians


Louis Zamperini

Mal Whitfield

Willis A. Lee

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