Cystic Fibrosis Storytime


The Halloween Duck

Written and presented by Sean Hunter


Story Notes and Extras

Talk and Discover

(for parents, families, teachers, and children to share and enjoy)

Why was it a good night for Halloween?

What would be your wish 

if the pumpkin was to ask you?

Why do you think the pumpkin asked the duck

 if he had another wish?


More Talk and Discover

What would be a nice song for a robin to sing?

What would you like to be for Halloween?

Where do you think the duck is now?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a duck.

Draw a picture of a pumpkin that whispers.

Draw a picture of what might be a good

Halloween prize.


Being A Good Listener

What was the duck’s third wish?

What did the duck see 

when he was flying above the mountains?

What are two costumes the children were wearing? 


Extra Credit

What is another trick the duck could have done?


Bonus Question

What do you think the duck will do next Halloween?


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