Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Oscar O’Reily  and the Meicee, Micee, Mousey

Story Notes and Extras 

Oscar O’Reily 

And The Meicee, Micee, Mousey


by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover


Who do you like to play with?

What games do you like to play that are fun?

How many mice do you think Oscar taught to

wiggle their whiskers, wiggle their toes

and make their ears go up and down?

Can you wiggle your toes?

Can you make your ears go up and down?

Why do you think Oscar wanted to be a teacher?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of one of the mice.

Draw a picture of one of Oscar’s friends.

Draw a picture of Oscar with his “Happy” smile.


More Talk and Discover


What is something that you could teach someone?

Why was it important for Oscar to be “a cat of his word?”

Do you think there are any more cats like Oscar?


More, Talk, Talk and Discover


Do you know how to whistle?

Do you think Oscar will teach the meicee, micee, mousey

to whistle any particular song?

What would be a good song to learn how to whistle?


Extra Credit


Could Oscar teach the meicee, micee, mousey to make cheese?

What else could Oscar teach the meicee, micee mousey?


Having More Fun


Make up names for a family of cats –

the father, mother, brother, sister and little baby kitten


Having Some More Fun


With a friend, write a poem about mice.

Go to the library and find a book about cats.


One Of The Books That Oscar Likes To Read


Cat Stories - by James Herriot


One Of The Books the Meicee, Micee, Mousey 

Like To Read



The Tailor of Gloucester – by Beatrix Potter


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