Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Trains, Boats and Planes

Story Notes and Extras 

 Trains, Boats and Planes

written and presented by Sean Hunter

with a special appearance by 

Country Music Hall of Fame member

Charlie McCoy

Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, children and friends to enjoy together

If you were on a train, boat or plane, where would you like to go?

Who would you like to go with you on an airplane?

Which would you like to be, the captain of a ship, the pilot of an airplane 

or an engineer on a train?

What is something that a pilot of an airplane needs to know?

What is something that a captain of a ship needs to be ready for?

What is something that an engineer of a train looks for?

How does weather effect trains, boats and planes?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a boat that might carrying gold.

Draw a picture of a boat with a paddle wheel

Draw a picture of a train that an elephant and giraffe could ride on.

Draw a picture of an airplane that has an open cockpit.

More Talk and Discover

What was the real name of “Old Ironsides?”

What are some famous seaports?

What are two major seaports in the United States, Europe, and South America?

What is the closest seaport to where you live?

In what country was the first train made?

Who were some of Hollywood’s famous movie stars in the 1950’s?

How long would a trip on a train from California to Chicago take, 

and what states would the train pass through?

What type of wheels did the Wright Brothers use on the first airplane?

What are some famous castles?

How far would you have to travel from your house to a famous castle?

Being Creative

Plan a trip on an airplane from where you live to another country 

and then transfer to a final destination where only a seaplane can land.

Plan a trip on a train that will take at least 24 hours and

will pass through at least one capital city,

Plan a trip on a boat that will take you across the equator.

More Talk, Discover and Fun

Who were some famous sailors of ancient times?

Who were some famous sailors that explored the world?

What do steam engines on trains need for fuel?

How fast can some trains go?

When were diesel engine trains first used?

When did railroad companies begin using electric engines?

What are some famous railroad companies?

What are some famous railroad lines?

From what city in California did the Super Chief begin it’s journey?

What are some of the jobs on a train?

On a train who rides in the caboose?

What is a good name for a fast clipper ship?

Extra Credit

How do you think the schooner got its name?

Where would you find the “Spirit of St. Louis” today?

In which of the Seven Seas is the weather usually warm?

On which continent won’t you find a train?

Who are some famous pirates?

Why was Ernest Shackleton a hero?

In Paris what language do they speak?

In Istanbul what language is spoken?

Where is the closet seaport to Moscow?

Using Your Imagination

Draw a picture of an airplane that can land on the moon.

Draw a picture of a ship that could also be a submarine.

Draw a picture of something that could ferry a train across water.

Books And Songs That Can Be Enjoyed

and that you can get at a library

The Little Engine That Could

Thomas The Tank Engine


I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

She’ll Be Conin’ Around The Mountain

Charlie On The MTA

Chattanooga Choo Choo

To Know and Enjoy More About Charlie McCoy

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