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Sparky McCloud - Celebrates The 4th of July

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Sparky McCloud – Celebrates The 4th of July


written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, families and children


What do you like about parades?

Why do we have parades?

What at a parade makes you cheer?

Why is freedom good?

What have people done to make 

your freedom possible?

What are some freedoms other countries 

don’t have?


Learning With Art About America


Draw a picture of the Liberty Bell,

the flag Betsy Ross made,

a picture of a famous patriot.


Who Were


The Sons of Liberty - The Minutemen

The Green Mountain Boys

The Red Coats – Lobster Backs

Hessians – Loyalist -Tories 

Overmountain Men - Whigs

Daughters of the American Revolution


More Talk and Discover


How many miles would a soldier have to walk 

to get from Philadelphia to Valley Forge?

Boston to Fort Ticonderoga –

Kings Mountain to Yorktown

How many miles could an army march in a day?

How long could each march take?

What were some of the conditions that could make a march difficult?

What does it mean, “proud to be an American?”


Talk, Discover and History


When the American Revolution began, what was the capital of America?

What was the capital of each state?

What other cities served as America’s capital?

How were some state boundaries different?


More Talk, Discover and History


When was the Stamp Act signed?

What began the Boston Massacre?

Who were some of the patriots involved in

the Boston Tea Party?

How long did the British occupy NYC?

How long was Philadelphia occupied?

How did Spain, France and the Netherlands 

help the Americans?


Talk, Discover and Navy


Who were some of the naval leaders in the American Revolution?

How many ships did the American Navy have?

Where were some of the naval battles?

What were some of the names of the American’s ships?


Some of the Key Battles


Bunker Hill – Quebec - Long Island - Ticonderoga – Saratoga – Trenton and Princeton – Monmouth – Savannah - Charleston - Guilford Courthouse – Cowpens - Yorktown


Documents of Freedom


Olive Branch Petition

Proclamation of Rebellion

Declaration of Independence

Articles of Confederation

Treaty of Paris

The Bill of Rights

The United States Constitution


What is the importance of each document?

When were each signed?

Why are they important today?


Remembering Freedom


How does voting defend our freedoms?

What are the freedoms that we need to defend?

On what other occasions and parades are the patriots of past and present honored?


Extra Credit


What inscription is on the Liberty Bell?

Where is the Cradle of Liberty?

Make a list of 10 municipalities named after

American Revolution patriots, soldiers and leaders.  (using 4 different states)


Landmarks to Visit


Freedom Trail in Boston 

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Valley Forge

Kings Mountain National Park


Some of the Patriots, Soldiers and Leaders  of the American Revolution


Paul Revere – Thomas Paine – Samuel Adams –


George Washington – Nathan Hale – Benedict Arnold – 

Francis Marion – Barzillai Lew - Nathaniel Greene 


John Hancock – John Adams – Thomas Jefferson – Benjamin Franklin – Patrick Henry –

Ethan Allen -


Famous Quotes


“I have only begun to fight”

“I regret that I only have one life to give for my country”

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”





first parade honoring the 4th o f July was held in Bristol, RI


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