Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Three Happy Frogs

Story Notes and Extras 

Three Happy Frogs


written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, families and children to enjoy


What words do you like to spell?

What words in the story are fun to spell?

Why is spelling good?

What do you learn when spelling words?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a frog.

Draw a picture of one of the words you heard in the story.

Draw a picture of something Zip, Zap and Zoom might spell.


Extra Credit


What are some words that begin with the 6th letter of the alphabet?

What are some words that begin with the 16th letter of the alphabet?


Extra, Extra Credit


Take one of the three letter words you have learned to spell,

 then add another letter to make a four letter word.


for example – you can add the letter R to the word FOG




What are some words that when spelt backwards

make another word?




Around A Table


Just begin and have fun,


and in a classroom, form a circle

and each person name a letter

until you’ve spelt a word.


Just One Rule 


Words must be at least three letters,


and when you add a letter – you have to know a word 

that letter would help continue to spell.


for example – the letters called may be “L” “E” “T.”


You can say “word spelt” or continue

and spell words such as “letters” and “lettuce.”



Having More Fun


After a word has been spelt,

have the person that went first use that word in a sentence.


How To Practice



Starting with the letter A, make a list of three words

beginning with that letter,


Then the next time you practice, make a new list with different words.


And to keep improving make a list where each word has four letters. 

 Then a list of words with five letters.


Practicing As A Class


Everyone pick a different letter,

write down a word beginning with that letter,

and when the teacher says it is your turn,

share that word with the class,

and tell the class the way you think the word is spelt.


You’ll be learning more words and improving your vocabulary




Some words sound the same but are spelt different.

And no one is a perfect speller.  

So if someone spells a word wrong, that is OK.


Help make the correction.


Part of the fun of playing ALPHABET

Is learning and helping each other.


The Spelling Challenge


Spell the name of a State.

A food that is healthy to eat.

An animal that lives on a farm.

An animal in the zoo.

An animal found in the jungle.


Ways To Learn New Words




Reading a book. A newspaper.  Magazine


Use a dictionary.


Look up a word in a Thesaurus.



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