Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Why There Wasn't Any Milk at Mr. O'Mally's Store

Story Notes and Extras

Why There Wasn’t Any Milk At Mr. O’Mally’s Store

written and presented by Sean Hunter

Talk and Discover

Why do you think the rooster was reading a book? What book do you think the rooster was reading? Why do you think the rooster liked the book?
What book do you think the rooster will want to read next?

More Talk and Discover

Who do you think reads the most books,
the dog or the cat?
How often do you think the horse and the cow go to the library? What book do you think the rooster suggest everyone should read?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a rooster.
Draw a picture of the Good Farmer John. Draw a picture of Rusty.

More Talk, Talk and Discover

What books do you like to read? Why is it important to read? When is a good time to read?
What can you learn from reading a book?

Extra Credit

Why are books about history interesting? What makes reading fun?
Besides books, what else can someone read?

Books About Animals That Are Always Enjoyed

The Cat In The Hat - Curious George Peter Rabbit - Make Way For Ducklings NationalVelvet - TheBlackStallion All Creatures Great and Small

Making Reading Fun

Act surprised (say Oh!, Ouu, and Ah!). Whisper (sometimes a soft voice is wonderful). Smile, listen and laugh together.

A Question For Everyone

What would be a good name for Farmer John’s rooster?

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