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The Pirates of Jamestown

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The Pirates Of Jamestown


Written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

for parents, children, teachers, and families to enjoy


How deep do you think the treasure chest was buried?

Why is a full moon a good night to look for hidden treasure?

What do you think the people of Jamestown thought they would find hidden?

What did you think might be in the treasure chest?

Where do you think the pirates had been before they came to Jamestown?

How many pirates do you think were on their ship?

Where do you think the pirates went after they buried the treasure chest  and sailed away?

Where could the pirates go and live like the people of Jamestown?

Do you think any of the pirates left the ship and then moved to Jamestown?

What jobs would a former pirate be good at? 

What are some of the jobs that a pirate would have had on their ship?

When do you think the pirates thought the treasure chest would be discovered?

What other surprises do you think the pirates may have left behind?

Where do you think the pirate ship is today?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a pirate.

Draw a picture of a pirate ship.

Draw a picture of a treasure chest.

Draw a picture of the Jolly Roger flag.


More Talk and Discover


Why did the pirates think that the people of Jamestown were rich?

In what ways were the pirates robbing themselves?

What is something that the people of Jamestown can be proud of?

What was the real treasure that the pirates had left for the people of Jamestown 

and everyone to have?


A Little Bit of History


What are some names of famous pirate ships?


Extra Credit


How could someone get an idea of what year the pirates may have been in Jamestown?

How did knowing math help the pirates to sail their ship?

 What else would a pirate or any sailor need to know to sail a ship?


Stories About Famous Pirates

(that you can find at your library)


Captain Kidd


Long John Silver


And One More Question


What are some of the other questions to the mystery that still need to be answered?


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