Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Funny Farm Story Notes and Extras
Funny Farm
musical version
written and presented by Sean Hunter
acoustic guitar - harmonica -Charlie McCoy
fiddle - Wanda Vick
doghouse bass - Mark Burchfield
drum - vocals - Sean Hunter

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a farmer and a scarecrow
Draw a picture of a weather vane on top of a barn
Draw a map of the Funny Farm
(showing where the barn is, the farm house,
the corn field, vegetable garden, chicken coop,
pig pen, fields for the sheep and other animals,
pumpkin patch, apple orchards, bee hives
and anything else
that you think you would find on a farm)

Who On A Farm Should

drive the tractor
pull the plow
plant the corn
milk the cows
chow the wood
paint the barn

More Fun With Art
Draw a picture of – the donkey going oink oink
 a bull going meow
a turkey going quack
 a goose going bow wow
 an owl whistling
a rooster playing the horn
a picture of the sun smiling
(because everyone is happy on the Funny, Funny Farm)  

What are some of your own ideas that you might draw?

Parents and teachers can draw an outline of some of the Funny Farm animals
 for younger children to color

Talk And Discover
 (an activity for parents, children and friends)

What would be a good day to visit the Funny Farm?
How would you get there?
Would you need to ride in a “funny car? or a “funny bus? to get to the Funny Farm??

Draw a picture of a “funny car? and a “funny bus.?

Who would you take with you to visit the “Funny Farm??
Who else do you think would like to visit the Funny Farm?
Do you think that the Funny Farm is funny every day?
What would be the funniest day to visit the Funny Farm?
Could they have a parade at the “Funny Farm??
What would a “Funny Farm? parade be like?
Where on the Funny Farm could they have a picnic?
What would you bring to a Funny Farm picnic?
What songs would you sing at a “Funny Farm? picnic?
What songs would you sing on the way to the Funny Farm?
Does the “Funny Farm? have a cuckoo clock?
Is there more than one Funny Farm?

Some Books About Farms
that you can get at your library

The Little Red Hen
The Three Little Pigs
Charlotte’s Web

Some Funny Farm Jokes

Who on the Funny Farm goes to bed with their shoes on?
the horse, of course

What runs all the way around the pasture but never moves?
a fence

How did the chicken learn to tell jokes?
he read a yoke book

Some Books and Stories
Good For Bedtime Reading

the stories of Beatrix Potter
the stories of James Herriot

The “Funny Farm?  was
recorded at Watershed - Nashville, TN  
arrangement – Charlie McCoy   mixing and editing – Jim Dineen

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