Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras

The Kite With Two Blue Eyes


written and presented by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover


What do you think a kite likes to look for when it’s up in the sky?

How does the kite know where to go?

Where would you go to fly a kite?


More Talk and Discover


What else might the kite see in the sky besides 

the moon and the stars?

What would the kite see if it flew over the ocean?

Where would the kite be if it could see a camel or kangaroo?


A Very Special Question


Have you ever seen a kite do a trick?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a puppet.

Draw a picture of your favorite cookie.

Draw a picture of something that the kite was hoping to see.


Being A Good Listener


What were the spiders and caterpillars doing?

What were the policeman and fireman doing?

How many ducks were calling for their mother?


Extra Credit


Where were kites invented?


Extra, Extra Credit


Name three types of kites.


Bonus Question


What American Patriot was famous for flying a kite?


Double Bonus Question


Where is someplace you could go to see a kite festival?


Where would you find a book about kites?



When Flying A Kite 


Before setting your kite into the sky

make sure that the weather conditions are safe.


That the sky is clear and there are no rain or storm clouds

within 10 miles of where your are.  Lighting can travel that far

and parts of your kite may attract activity.


Stay out of areas with electrical and power lines

where a kite can reach or land,

as well as

in someone’s yard,

in a street with traffic,

or where people are gathered. 


Also, you may be in an area where there are restrictions of

how high kites are allowed to fly.


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