Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
Mr. Duck Hee

Story Notes and Extras

Mr. Duck Hee

written and presented by Sean Hunter

Having Fun With Children
For Parents and Teachers

Learning With Art
draw a picture of Mr. Duck Hee
draw a picture of some of Mr. Duck Hee’s friends
draw a picture of Mr. Duck Hee looking for a puddle

Talk and Discover
What do you think is Mr. Duck Hee’s favorite food?
What are some good songs for a duck to sing?
What songs do you like to sing?
What are some good songs to sing on a rainy day?
What does a duck do on a sunny day?

Reading For Everyone
Stories About Ducks That You Can Get At The Library

Make Way For Ducklings – by Robert McCloskey
The Ugly Duckling – by Hans Christian Andersen

Duck Facts

Ducks wash their face at least 2 or 3 times a day.
A duck’s feathers are waterproof.
A ducks feet never get cold.

Some Famous Ducks

Donald Duck
Daffy Duck
Daisy Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie

Duck Jokes

Q – What time do ducks get up?
A - At the quack of dawn.

Q - What happened to the duck when he flew upside down?
A - He quacked up

Q – What did the detective say to the duck?
A – I hope we quack this case.

Q – What did the duck say when the clerk at the supermarket asked to be paid??
A – Put everything on my bill.

Being A Ducks Friend
- with an adult -

visit the ducks at the zoo
feed the ducks at the communities pond or stream
visit a farm
remember that dogs, cats and many other animals aren’t always a ducks friend

Duck Games

Duck, Duck, Goose
Follow The Duck (aka – Follow The Leader)

Ducks That Play Games

Anaheim Ducks
Oregon Ducks
Long Island Ducks

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