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For Lenny – The Happy Fire Truck

Story Notes and Extras

For Lenny – The Happy Fire Truck

Written and presented by Sean Hunter

Lenny is a very special story – for it was inspired by a visit to a children’s hospital in New York, where on the third floor there is a real fire truck for the children to play on and enjoy. With the encouragement of Pat Lafontaine this story was then written.

October is Fire Prevention Month and the hope is that all families will take the time to review with all their children the rules of fire safety by reading and reviewing the material being offered by their local fire department and on the web sites of community and national Fire Organizations.

Learning With Art

for home and school projects

draw a picture of a fire truck
draw a picture of a fire fighter
draw a picture of a forest ranger
draw a picture of a fire dog
give the dog a name
If the dog could talk – what are some of the safety rules that the dog would tell you about.

Some of the important fire safety rules.

In any emergency – the most important rule is to get out of the house immediately,
let your parents or baby sitter warn everyone else.

Never run or panic. Take nothing with you. Leave all toys, dolls and games where they are, and call 911 once you are out of the house and out of danger.

It is always the firefighters job to find out where the smoke, fire or smell of gas
is coming from.

Always keep a kitchen clean – and follow all kitchen and cooking safety rules.

Never leave the house with any candles burning or a space heater on.

And keep all clothing, paper and anything soft from touching anything that is able to become hot.

And three other very important rules.

Always know where to find in your home a fire extinguisher, a fire escape, and two doors that can be used in an emergency.

Never play with matches

And test all smoke detectors regularly and replace their batteries every six months.

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