Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
A Bedtime Story For Dogs

Story Notes And Extras 

 A Bedtime Story For Dogs

written and presented by Sean Hunter

Talk and Discover

for parents, children, family, friends and teachers to enjoy

What stories do you think dogs like to hear read?

What stories do you like to hear read?

Do you think Ruffles would like a story about cars?

Do you think Ruffles likes stories about dolls and bunnies?

Why do you think Ruffles likes to hear stories being read at bedtime?

Do you think that Ruffles has a favorite story?

What would a dog and cat talk about?

Who are some of a dogs first friends?

What are some games that dogs like to play?

What do you think a dog likes to dream about?

How can you tell when a dog is dreaming?

What do you think Ruffles will dream about tonight?

What do you like to dream about?

Do you have to be asleep to dream?

Have any of your dreams ever come true?

What book would you read to Ruffles?

What do you dream of being when you grow up?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of Ruffles.

Draw a picture of one of Ruffles friends.

Draw a picture of a lollipop tree.

More Talk And Discover

Why do dogs like hearing stories being read?

In what ways do some dogs help people?

What toys do dogs like to play with?

In the winter how many dogs are used to pull a dog sled?

How far can a team of dogs pull a dog sled in a day?

How come there are no windows in a doghouse?

Could you have a birthday party for a dog?

What do dogs like to do on Sunday?

Famous Dogs In Stories

That You Can Read About

 At The Library

Rin Tin Tin

Old Yella


Fun That You Can Have

Write a story for a dog.

Look for a book in the library that you and Ruffles would like.

Make a list of names that you could give to a puppy?

Questions That A Dog

Might Ask You

(and what would you answer)

Do you go for a walk every day?

How far do you walk when you exercise?

What do you do in school all day?

Do you sit and stay when you are told to? 

What do you like to have for treats?

How do you get a library card?

Extra Credit

In the story, there is no name mentioned for the book

being read to the dog.  What title name would you make up for that story?

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