Cystic Fibrosis Storytime
An Uncle's Gift

Story Notes and Extras 

An Uncle’s Gift

written and presented by Sean Hunter

the 1931 LaSalle is one of Duane Allen’s, of the Oak Ridge Boys,

favorite cars

Talk and Discover

an opportunity for parents, children, teachers, and friends to have fun together

What are some of your family Thanksgiving traditions?

What do you like about Thanksgiving”

What do you have to be grateful for?

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

What are some of the Thanksgiving memories that your grandparents told you about?

Who do you know that has been a Marine?

Who do you know that wants to be a teacher?

How far is it from your house to Bonsall, California?

How many states would you have to travel through from your house to Bonsall, CA?

Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a car that someone in your family once owned.

Draw a picture of what you think the 1931 LaSalle in the story looked like.

Draw a picture of a turkey.

Draw a picture of pilgrim.

Draw a picture of something that the pilgrims grew.

More Talk and Discover

When was the first Thanksgiving in America?

Where was the first American Thanksgiving celebrated?

What was the reason for having a day of Thanksgiving?

When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

More Talk and Discover

Why was LaSalle a famous explorer?

Where did LaSalle explore?

Who else are some famous explorers?

What were LaSalle and other explorers looking for when they began their journey?

What cities have been named after explorers?

What rivers have been named after explorers?

Where near you live is there a lake that has been named after an explorer?

What are some of the schools and colleges that have been named after explorers?

Extra Credit

What famous singing group has four members with the last name of

Allen, Bonsall, Sterban and Golden (that were in the story) who enjoy Thanksgiving?

In what famous song is the “Hungry House Café?”

Who wrote that famous song


who else has recorded it?

More Extra Credit

When was the LaSalle first made?

Where was the LaSalle made?

What would a four door passenger LaSalle sedan cost in 1931?

How much would that amount be in today’s dollar?

In what auto museums might you find a LaSalle?

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