Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras



And The Fish Went Away Laughing


written and presented 

by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover


Why do you think fishing is fun?

Where would you like to go fishing?

What kind of fish would you like to catch?


More Talk And Discover


Why would you like to go fishing?

Who would you like to go fishing with?

What are some colors fish can be?


Being A Good Listener


What did the little fish say as he went away laughing?

What is something all the fishermen knew about little fish?

What did the fishermen whisper?


Fishy Wishy Fun


What game did the fish like to play with the fishermen?

What are some other games the fish could play?


Just A Thought


What do fish have to be thankful for?


Extra Credit


Name three fish you would find in the ocean.

Name three fish you would find in a river.

Name three fish you would find in a lake.


The Surprise Question


What do you think fish like to dream about

when they are not looking for squiggly, wiggly worms?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a mystery fish.

Draw picture of a happy fisherman.

Draw a picture of a house a fish might live in.


Bonus Question


In what waters would you find a dogfish?


Extra, Extra Question


Where would you find a catfish?


Double Bonus Question


Where would find a blue fish and a red fish?


Little Fish Tales

(for all to enjoy)


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

The Little Mermaid


Big Fish Stories


Moby Dick

The Old Man and the Sea

The River Runs Through It



Fishing Safety


Always wear glasses to protect your eyes when fishing,


when near someone fishing.


When in a boat or fishing in the water, wear a proper life jacket.


Respect the weather – and go immediately 

to safety at the first signs of possible lighting.


Fishing Etiquette and Laws


Know the local rules and regulations before you start fishing.


The water is not a trash can –

Do nothing to endanger or pollute the waters.


Take all debris and used fish line with you.

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