Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras 


The Little Boat That Liked To Dream


written and presented by Sean Hunter


the music of Country Music Hall of Fame Member

Charlie McCoy


Talk and Discover

for parents, teachers, families and children to enjoy


At the library, would you look for a book about 

a little boat or a big boat?

Where would you like to go on a boat?

What are some different types of boats?

Why would boats (and sailors) talk about the weather?

Because of your size – what is something that you can do

that many other people can not?


Learning With Art


Using your imagination -

Draw a picture of Kimbalena.

Draw a picture of one of Kimbalena’s friends.

Draw a picture of a fish no one has ever seen.


More Talk and Discover


What are some famous seaports?

What are some countries that a boat can sail to

where the weather is warm most of the year?

Why are dreams good?

What do you think it would be like to live on a boat?


Extra Credit


How do you think the little boat got her name,



Ships That Are Now Museums


What US Naval ship in Hawaii is now a memorial?

What year was the USS Constitution commissioned?

What year was the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) decommissioned?

In what state is the aircraft carrier Lexington (CV-16) now moored?

In what shipyard was the "Mighty Mo" USS Missouri (BB 63) built?

What was the average size crew aboard the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan?

Of the three ships involved in the Boston Tea Party, what two replicas are at the 

Boston Tea Party Museum?


More Talk, Talk, and Discover


If you were living during the Middle Ages in Medieval Europe, 

which of the Seven Seas would you like to sail?

What job on a boat would you like to do?

What history of a foreign port would you like to learn?


Extra, Extra Credit


What was the name of the first US Presidential Yacht?

What is the name of the training vessel used by the US Coast Guard Academy?

In what Province is the Canadian Coast Guard College?


More Extra, Extra Credit


In what state would you find a tugboat race?

What was the date of the maiden voyage for the passenger liner RMS Queen Mary?

Who was the Captain of the Endurance when it sailed to the South Pole in 1914?

What famous ferry service is in New York City?


Bonus Questions


What whaling ship is on a US postage stamp?

What was the name of the boat that President John Kennedy commanded?

What was the sister ship to the USS Maine (ACR-1)


Other Ideas For Fun And Learning


Visit an aquarium.

Read a book from the library.

Build a model boat.







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