Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras 

Little Susie and The Secret Of Finding The Fish


Written and presented by

Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover

(for parents, teachers, children and their friends)


What bugs do you think fish like to eat?

Why do you think Little Susie likes to fish?

Who do you think taught Little Susie to fish?


More Talk and Discover

Why do you think that as Little Susie grew, 

it seemed that the fish she caught were bigger too?

What do you think Little Susie does with

all the fish she catches?

Do you think that Little Susie could get a job

as a fisherman?


Learning With Art

Draw a picture of a fish.

Draw a picture of something Little Susie needs to have to catch fish?

Draw a picture of something Little Susie needs to wear when fishing?


Being A Good Listener

Why were the fish having a fun, fun day?

What was Little Susie’s secret?

What were some of the places the fish might be hiding?


Extra Credit

What was Little Susie using on her fly rod to catch the fish?


Bonus Questions

What else could you learn in school about fishing?


A Question for Everyone

When is it not safe to go fishing?


A Question For Teachers

And everyone


If you were at Yellowstone National Park

What state would you be in

And what rivers would you be able to fish.

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