Cystic Fibrosis Storytime

Story Notes and Extras 


The Pumpkins – A Ghost - And What Do You Wishy


by Sean Hunter


Talk and Discover


What would be a good name for a ghost?

What is something that makes you happy in the morning?

What is something fun that you might wishy?


More Talk and Discover


What are three ways you can think of that a ghost 

could have fun without scaring a scarecrow?

What do you think a ghost and the dogs, cats, and goats talk about?

When does a pumpkin become a jack-o’-lantern?


Learning With Art


Draw a picture of a pumpkin you might see

at a harvest festival.

Draw a picture of something else you might see

at a harvest festival.

Draw something you might carve on a pumpkin.


Being A Good Listener


What was the wandering ghost admiring?

What color were the leaves of the trees?

Where is someplace Mr. Fishiy, Fishy had never been?


Extra Credit


How big can a pumpkin grow?


Bonus Question


Where did the tradition of carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns begin?


Double Bonus Question


Why do communities have harvest festivals?

Where could you go to, or have, a harvest festival?


Some Extra Fun


Write a poem about a pumpkin


maybe a song